The Different Types Of Depression

There are many different types of depression. Depression can take many forms, and so many health professionals use different terms when it comes to depression. Seasonal affective disorder, clinical depression, and bipolar depression are usually diagnosed types of depression. What really causes a lot of confusion, when someone is diagnosed with depression, is that he can very often cross with another disease. Conditions such as substance abuse or eating disorders can be confused by depression and can make it difficult to diagnose any form of depression.
Below are some very common forms of depression.

You will hear the term “major depression” when you experience one of the depressive disorders that are severe enough to require treatment. For example, say that you are very active in your local gym, but have experienced some severe emotional trauma and begin to avoid the gym at any cost. It is very likely that you may experience major depression.

Another major type of depression is bipolar depression (also known as manic-depressive illness). Bipolar depression is usually recognized as a person experiencing excessive happiness, and then suddenly becoming terribly depressed. Many doctors believe that bipolar depression is an imbalance in the brain, which can often be successfully treated with medications.

One of the main types of depression, from which women are known to suffer, is postpartum depression. Health experts determined that many women suffering from postpartum depression already suffered from any depression earlier. Most women who experience a birth feel badly in the first few days after that. However, those who are unable to escape from depressive feelings can
experience them for several months, if not years, if they are not
treated properly.

Of the many types of depression, the common subtype of depression is a seasonal affective disorder. This form of depression seems to be related to how people react to the amount of sunlight that is available to them every day. Light therapy with the use of special lamps is the usual treatment for those suffering from the seasonal affective disorder.

A very serious form of many depressions is psychotic depression. Those who suffer from psychotic depression often hear voices in their heads, as well as visual delusions. Those who suffer from this need someone to help them to seek treatment as soon as possible. Most sufferers are unable to think rationally and, therefore, can harm themselves or others. Psychotic depression affects about 15% of people suffering from major depression.

People who seem to constantly suffer from mild forms of depression are more likely to suffer from dysthymia. People with dysthymia can also be affected by a bout of depression, a
more severe form of depression, leading to the need for thorough medical
monitoring and aggressive treatment.

Another of the many types of depression that women suffer very often is atypical depression. This form of depression is usually characterized by such phenomena as panic attacks, overeating and sleep disorders. Someone with atypical depression will feel depressed within a certain period of time, feel better, and then again feel worse. Atypical depression is very common in younger years of the person, and
if they are not treated, they will follow them into adulthood.

of which of the many types of depression you can suffer, knowing the
difference between them is the best way to get the best treatment. Once
you find out which of the best treatments you learn, the best way to
combat any of the different types of depression that you may be
suffering from.

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