Suicide Prevention

Understanding reasons why people commit suicide is the first step in preventing suicide. Many people who have suicidal thoughts usually hide what they are feeling. There are signs you can check up for in order to understand someone suffering from suicidal thoughts. The following are the flags that show that someone wants to commit suicide;

Becoming overly preoccupied with death. The person will always talk about committing suicide and always feel like they are better dead than alive.

Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness with one’s life.

Self-hatred and signs of guilt, shame and always feeling unwanted.

Use of drug abuse and alcohol and engaging in unprotected and dangerous sexual activities.

Withdrawing from the society and always isolating themselves from their friends and family.

Once you understand that someone is struggling with suicidal thought, then you can go ahead and help them prevent it using the following tips;

1.Be a Good Listener.

It is always good to give an ear to someone who exhibits suicidal signs. This will give that person a medium to express what they feel. They will be relieved of the pressure that they face and will feel wanted and this will go a long way in helping them reduce suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Listening to them will also aid you in giving them simple solutions to the problems that they face and they will feel cared for.

2.Understand that Secrets Can Kill.

Suicidal people always tell their confidants not to tell anyone about their feelings. Always be careful not to fall into what they say. It is preferable you to break the promise and tell people who can help them. It is better to break the promise and have them angry than having to let them lose their life.

3.Encourage them to seek Mental Help.

Always encourage them to seek the help of a mental health professional as they may help in assessing with the person is suffering from mental problems. This may be hard but with some patience the person will eventually accept to do it. Once they have agreed to do it, continue encouraging them to continue with the appointments and treatments to the end.

4.Talk about talk about their feelings.

Don’t be afraid to talk about their suicidal feelings as this will give them an opportunity to open up and say things that will put you in a position to help them.

5. See suicide as a Cry for Help.

People who try to commit suicide do it not because they want to die. Most face emotional and psychological pressure but do not know how to deal with it. They usually think suicide is the only way to escape their problems. Offering them help may go a long way in stopping suicidal thoughts.

Over 85% of people that commit suicide talk about suicide before taking their own lives. It is therefore important to take these conversations. It is advisable to refer a suicidal person to a professional who will help them if you think you are not in a position to help.

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