Suicide Prevention

Did you know that statistics show 1 million people die every year from suicide? What drives suicidal victims to feel we so unworthy that they feel there is no other option but suicide? To many of us, we really do not know, especially if you have never suffered depression before, nor had suicidal thoughts. One thing we can do, is prevent it from happening, and advocate for suicide prevention.

Suicide prevention, starts with being able to recognize the warning signs ahead of time, and knowing what to do in the event this occurs. Here is just a short list of potential warning signs to watch for: talking about suicide, saying goodbye, getting affairs in order, withdrawing from friends and family, self destructive behavior, and self hatred.

Talking to friends, relatives, and anyone you love about suicide can be extremely difficult, but remember if you have questions about the way they are acting or even have the slightest hint of suicide, all you can do is ask. Talking to individuals with suicidal thoughts and letting you know you are there for them, how much they are cared about, and how much they would be missed, is actually what they want to hear. Let them talk to you, hear what they have to say, maybe they need to get some things off their chest. You would be amazed at how much a small talk can make. Remember, suicidal victim do not want to die. They are just stuck in an uncertain place, and need as much support to get them through it as possible.

To read more on how you can help advocate for suicide prevention, go to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:

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