Prevention of suicide in detention

Suicide prevention policies in the penitentiary administration

Advice to relatives about a person in custody

Suicide prevention policies in the penitentiary administration that are the main measures taken in detention to prevent the suicide of detainees?The prison administration participates in the national program of actions against suicide 2011-2014 of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the work of the National Observatory of Suicides installed on September 10, 2013.
On June 15, 2009, a major plan was signed, which includes 20 measures around 5 major axes :

strengthening the training of prison staff in the assessment of suicidal potential (by targeting, as a matter of priority, all the personnel assigned to the most sensitive detention areas, particularly the arriving neighborhood), the application of special protection measures for persons held in suicidal crisis (emergency protection supplies consisting of tear-proof covers and disposable and disposable clothing, emergency protection cells, intercoms, etc.),

the development of multidisciplinarity within detention (multidisciplinary commission dedicated to the prevention of regular suicide, …), the fight against the feeling of isolation in the disciplinary ward (reception procedure, access to the telephone and provision of radio sets),

the mobilization of the entire “prison community” (stakeholders, associations, families, inmates, judicial authorities and partners of the Ministry of Justice).

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