Personal Growth

Personal growth is an active process and not a passive one. That is, it has to be a directed effort and not one that is left to the caprices and whims of circumstances. We grow by understanding that we are much more than we are presently demonstrating and by expressing the will to become all that we could eventually be.

Self-growth comes about through knowledge and experience. We grow by acquiring information and by subjecting ourselves to conditions and situations that we had never encountered before.

It’s a lifelong, ongoing process that has no limit except the limits that we impose on ourselves. Scientists say the brain of a human is virtually limitless which means that we are only limited in self-growth by our lack of faith or by the absence of necessary efforts.

However, if personal growth is limitless, it’s primary objective is not. The reason-d’ĂȘtre of personal growth is acquiring a skin that we are comfortable with. It’s feeling good about who we are, being well adjusted in our environment and having the feeling that life is good.

All the knowledge and all the expertise in the world are useless unless it brings us a sense of well-being, internal peace and overall satisfaction, which is our natural birthright. The gift was carefully placed in our heart and soul at birth. It is our responsibility to find the key that will set that gift free for us to enjoy and the way that this key can be found is through personal growth.

We have limited power when it comes to changing the world, but we have everything that is needed to transform who we are in such at way that we can evolve in synchronicity and harmony with that world and thus find happiness.

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