How The Song Artist Logic Made History For Suicide Prevention

The singer Logic launched a new song back in April, that’s inspired thousands and thousands of people to call the suicide prevention line. The song itself is actually called “1-800-273-8255”, which is the number for the suicide prevention line. The song is also sung by the artists Alessia Cara and Khalid. These 3 artists teamed up to send out the message that every life is valuable, and that every life is worth saving.

The official video says it all. The song is about how a young black teen is gay but in the closet and is bullied and kicked out of his home. He finds a boyfriend and stays over at his home briefly, but then is kicked out again when his boyfriend’s father finds the two of them in bed together. The teen is bullied by his sports teammates who deface his locker and is still homeless. His sports coach ends up finding out about his situation and gets the teen’s father to meet up with him, so they can go home together.

However, the teen is still extremely unhappy and conflicted. He ends up pulling out a gun and putting it to his head. At the last second, he decides not to shoot and then runs away to live with his boyfriend, who also left his family. The video flashes forward to 10-15 years in the future, where the two have married and adopted a child together. It shows that the teen’s father and the rest of his family attending the wedding, and how they’ve finally accepted him and love their grandchild.

The song shows so many taboo topics and brings to light how much suffering there can be for people. It’s inspiring for people who can’ directly relate to, because it shows that even if you’re suffering from something that many refuse to talk about, you can still let yourself be heard and find someone who will listen and care.

On the release day of the song, the calls to the suicide prevention line had the second highest call volume ever in their entire history.

The VMA performance alone of the song increased the calls to the suicide prevention by over 50%. Logic made a speech at the end that said everyone is equal, and we need to talk about these topics especially for the sake of the future generations. The concert also featured a ring of suicide survivors in-person on the stage.

To make a real difference in people’s lives, you need to be talking about the taboo issues that they actually face in real life. This song literally helped thousands of people and may have saved quite a few lives.

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