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Depression is a melancholic state of low mood and sadness. Depression can be said to be a key form of the affective disorder. An affective disorder is a disorder of mood and subjective feelings. The mood of a depressed patient is a mystery, this mood does not improve substantially in circumstances where the ordinary feeling […]

8 Simple Tips for Coping with Depression

8 Simple Tips for Coping with Depression Introduction Coping with depression can seem to be quite difficult, but that is not the case. Depression is like a disease, and to treat it, you have to pinpoint its root cause. Some major factors that have been scientifically recognized to cause depression are certain medical illnesses, change […]

Help People With Depression on the Holidays

Holidays can be very lonely for people who are depressed. Depression can be a temporary circumstance due to many types of situations, such as the loss of a loved one due to a rupture or rupture of the relationship, the end of divorce or death, the loss of work that represents a significant source of […]

The Different Types Of Depression

There are many different types of depression. Depression can take many forms, and so many health professionals use different terms when it comes to depression. Seasonal affective disorder, clinical depression, and bipolar depression are usually diagnosed types of depression. What really causes a lot of confusion, when someone is diagnosed with depression, is that he […]

Prevention of suicide in detention

Suicide prevention policies in the penitentiary administration Advice to relatives about a person in custody Suicide prevention policies in the penitentiary administration that are the main measures taken in detention to prevent the suicide of detainees?The prison administration participates in the national program of actions against suicide 2011-2014 of the Ministry of Social Affairs and […]

Tips on How to Cope with Depression

Depression is a serious mood disorder that causes sadness and loss of interest in things that bring us joy. Depression affects your normal life as you are less productive. Depression may be caused by genetic, biological, environmental and psychological factors as well as trauma. Coping with depression can be a challenge as an individual experiences […]

Coping With Depression

Depression is considered one of the most widespread and common diseases in the modern world. It affects millions of people all over the country. There are various causes and reasons for depression. It can be caused by trauma or event in the person’s life, or it can be triggered by an underlying physical condition. Depression […]

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