8 Simple Tips for Coping with Depression

8 Simple Tips for Coping with Depression


Coping with depression can seem to be quite difficult, but that is not the case. Depression is like a disease, and to treat it, you have to pinpoint its root cause.

Some major factors that have been scientifically recognized to cause depression are certain medical illnesses, change in hormone levels, substance abuse, stress, rejection, negative thoughts, grief or trauma among others. So when you know the issue that affects you, you begin to deal with it.

Ways of Coping with depression

• Interact with people who care for you; when you surround yourself with friends and family members, it becomes easy to be socially active and you don’t give yourself an opportunity to be lost in unnecessary deep thoughts.

• Fight those negative thoughts; don’t give yourself room to accommodate anything that makes you feel bad or worthless instead feel your mind with happy and appreciative thoughts.

• Be active and have fun; don’t be sucked up into staying at home or work. Give yourself a break and have some pleasure or activities that will make you happy whether is watching a movie, having a night out, or doing charity work.

• Acknowledge your weaknesses and strengths; sometimes we revert to depression by trying to be perfect and hard on ourselves. It is important to acknowledge our weaknesses and admit some things are beyond us. However, those we can do let do them cheerfully without wondering whether we did our best.

• Have good night sleep; yes you need a lot of it. Sleep helps our bodies to rest and refresh renewing our energy. So if you feel depressed, taking a nap might be the right medicine for you.

• Exercise; get out of your house and have a walk. Scientists have proven that exercising releases feel-good hormones and more so it takes your mind off depressive thoughts.

• Avoid habits that increase depression; it is advisable to avoid substance and alcohol use. The more you use drugs the more your situation will worsen.

• Seek help; it is important to note that depression in some situation is beyond our control and we need expert help to walk us through. Therefore, if you need a therapist or counselor’s help, seek it as early as possible.


Therefore, the best way of coping with depression is to love yourself and the above 8 tips will guide you on your path of happiness and joy keeping your heart and mind at peace.

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